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winghouse  creates the future value through the eyes of children and mind of mothers

winghouse creates the future value through the eyes of children and mind of mothers

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Winghouse creates the future value through the eyes of children and
mind of mothers, where we communicate with our customers through
the creation of family culture space where all family members
can get together.


Becoming the "Trustworthy company that creates future value"


Based on Christianity, create the best future value through
the righteousness management of proper sharing and
communication with customers and employees.

Sharing, Communication,
Righteousness, Future

Started in 1995 with the 4 core values of the company, sharing,
communication, righteousness, and future, Winghouse strives
for the creation of precious future value and development by
creating profit through the righteousness management based on Christianity.

Change of Paradigm in Fashion Accessories

Winghouse Co., Ltd. has been creating
changes of new paradigm in children's fashion accessories market.

Winghouse is leading the children's accessories market domestically and internationally by professionally designing, manufacturing, and distributing children's accessories, and always tries to demonstrate different sides at the children's eye level with excellent quality and unique designs. Such efforts are based on the enterprise spirit that Winghouse seeks for.With good quality, reasonable price, and unique designs, Winghouse presents outstanding quality and services to the customers in the corporate stores, wholesale/retail stores nationwide, and foreign markets including China, and is acknowledged for our professionalism in children's accessories.

Practicing Righteousness Management

To achieve the new business philosophy of infinite prospect, Winghouse presents 3 vision declarations in 2013.

Trustworthy company that creates future valueTop global brand of character business that brings joy to customersNo. 1 global company that opens the infinite prospectLike this, Winghouse will build trust by serving customers and employees and strive to achieve the infinite prospect where customers, company, and employees accompany the future together.

Winghouse has been commercializing global characters such as Disney, Paul Frank, Angry Bird, Thomas and Friends, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, The Smurfs, Smiley, etc. through licensing.

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